PCB: First picture of the baby

Although it is not in production yet, Elektor PCB Service has made available a first picture of the PCB I designed a few days before in Eagle. I am really excited and wonder if everything will work as expected … as soon I hold it in my hands.

On the right side you can see the holes for the 2×13 pin socket for putting the PCB on the Raspberry PI’s GPIO header, while on the left side you can see the holes for the two Samtec TFM-110-01-L-D-A headers.



Samtec headers arrived

Samtec TFM-110-01-L-D-AAs I already wrote in a comment of my previous posting, I was quite unhappy with the Anaren A1101R08A-EM1 evaluation module, as the spacing of the socket connector is 0.05 inch and the socket is quite to narrow to put in a test wire in a reliable way.

Possible solution: I ordered the counterpart to the socket connectors, two Samtec TFM-110-01-L-D-A 050″ Tiger Eye™ High Reliability Terminal Strip. Unfortunatelly, I wasn’t allowed to directly order it at Farnell as a private person, but I had to go through Heinz Büchner Elektronik (Berlin). The picture above shows these Terminal Strips.

What’s next: Design a PCB to which to solder this terminal stips and connect them to a 2×13 pin socket suitable to plug into a Raspberry Pi.