LoRa Gateway Antenna Upgrade

My self-assembled LoRa Gateway used to have an inexpensive SMA antenna, which actually did not fit to the “professional” casing with its prepared openings for Type-N connectors. And having plans to install the gateway somewhere outdoor sooner or later, I decided to upgrade the antenna. I ordered the following parts:

Here are some pictures how the installation looks now …


And what about the effect?

I did some measurements before and after replacing the old antenna using the TTN Mapper app on iPhone and a LoRaWAN node based on the Adafruit Feather 32u4 with LoRa. On two measurement points in a distance of 1280m and 748m I measured the signal strengh two times.

Result: With the new antenna, the signal strengh improved from -117dBm to -112dBm

You will have to decide on your own if this gain of about 5 dBm actually justifies the purchase of such a more “professional” antenna. I think if you just want to play around and get experience, then an inexpensive SMA antenna is good enough. But if you actually plan to place the gateway outdoor, then maybe you should consider to do what I did.


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