Obviously my software works well to receive messages from the radiator controllers if they are just sent sporadically – every now and then.

But the software is unable to receive sequences of messages, in case they are sent directly one after the other, without temporal gap. In fact, the Room Unit sents sequences of messages in case the temperature of a zone has to change.

Why does the software fail?

Because it tries to read one message into the 64 byte FIFO receive buffer. As it is not possible to find out how long the message will be (without decoding it), the software just reads until the 64 bytes are read. And this is fatal, as in this case the software already reads the beginning (e.g. the RF preamble of alternating “1” and “0”) from the subsequent message.


66 55 56 55 2B 2B 52 B2 AD 53 4A CD 52 B5 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 4C B5 2C AB 4B 4A B5 2C AB 32 CA B2 B5 4B 2C D2 B4 CD 59 55

What now?

  • Alternative #1: Forget to read messages in the FIFO buffer and decode after that, instead do “direct stream processing”, bit by bit ?
  • Alternative #2: Fill the FIFO buffer byte by byte, and somehow try to find out when the complete message is read, then (very quickly) process the message and receive the next message using the RF receiver. The problem is that it takes some amount of time to decode the message and send the result to the client – probably too much time so we miss the RF preamble of the subsequent message.