Librato – Real-Time Monitoring of my room temperatures

The electronic radiator controllers in my house send out the current temperature every now and then. I receive this messages with my CC1101 based hardware solution and needed a solution how to graph diagrams that show the room temperature over time of day.

Librato is a cloud service provider that allows me to visualize this metrics in beautiful charts … in just a few minute’s time! It is really awesome how fast it was able to compose a dashboard using the charts I created for temperature values and the received signal strengh (RSSI) of the radiator controller as sender of the data.

I used python (librato-python) to send the metrics up to Librato:

api = librato.connect(“”, “some_api_key”, sanitizer=librato.sanitize_metric_name)
q = api.new_queue()
q.add(controller[deviceId], temperature)
q.add(“RSSI_” + controller[deviceId], convertRSSI(rssi))

Librato provides even more, check out their website at

Check out his picture of my dashboard

Librato Dashboard

What can you see? In some rooms, at night the temperature slightly goes down from 21°C   to approx. 19 °C. In the morning at 7am, the central heating controller puts it up to 21°C again, and 23°C in the bathroom.


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