Works (almost) as expected

20130825-133922.jpgThe picture shows the board plugged into GPIO expansion headers of the Raspberry Pi. The question was: Will the “new” hardware work with the “old” software controlling the CC1101 and responsible for receiving the RF messages? Well, only partly. The SPI communication worked directly without any changes neccessary. But, not a single RF message was received by this “new” hardware. The reason is, that the Anaren A1101R08A-EM1 evaluation module uses a 27 MHz crystal osciallator, while the previous hardware and also the RFBee used a 26 MHz crystal oscillator. All my calculations regarding the frequencies (frequency related configuration registers in the CC1101) where of course based on 26 MHz, and had to be recalculated. After having done that, everything worked pretty well.

Message from socket:  1810755110755130C903000849EF -81dBm
Message from socket:  1800A20100A20130C9030008CCD2 -66dBm
Message from socket:  1810755132BC3F10600301FF0171 -82dBm
Message from socket:  1810755132BC3F2309030101F4C0 -82dBm
Message from socket:  1810751A32BC3F315002010098 -79dBm
Message from socket:  1632BC3F0B1F09030008205F -79dBm
Message from socket:  1632B44AE21F09030008574E -73dBm
Message from socket:  1800A1E2FFFFFF10600301FF01F4 -74dBm
Message from socket:  181071F91071F930C9030008CC24 -68dBm
Message from socket:  181071E8FFFFFF23090302083415 -50dBm
Message from socket:  181071E532B44A3150020100CE -80dBm
Message from socket:  1810755132BC3F10600301FF0171 -81dBm
Message from socket:  1800A20132B44A230903010834A9 -66dBm
Message from socket:  1810751A32BC3F2309030101F4F7 -81dBm

3 thoughts on “Works (almost) as expected

  1. Hi! Your blog is really interesting! I am trying to communicate with the cc1101 and a raspberry pi b+ but I cannot get the transmit to work. It could also be my read function, I am receiving on the other end with a cc1101 and a rasp pi as well. Do you have any link to your code using SPI? I have used a few libraries and those work but I want to ignore libraries for now. Much appreciated!

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