My home control equipment

hr80In my home, there are six HR80 radiator controllers and two CM67z room units. These “room units” act as kind of controllers to the radiator controllers and provide central points from which to configure the system and set the time and temperature profiles for each zone. At a given time, as defined within a zone profile, the CM67z room unit transmits the required temperature setpoint to the respective HR80 radiator controllers. For communication, the HR80s use bidirectional radio frequency communication on the 868 MHz band. Unfortunatelly, one CM67z can only handle two zones. As there are two CM67z controller units in my home, I can control a maximum of four temperature zones.


  • It would be nice to integrate these radiator controllers into a home automation software solution.
  • It would also be nice to add some more HR80s and have more than the current four temperature zones in my home.
  • Absolutely cool would be the ability to monitor and control the temperature in the zones remotely using a web app on a mobile phone.

Let’s start!


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